Welcome to ZigSphere

ZigSphere is an online community that includes anyone with a shared technical interest. The people who make up this community share a wide rage of technical-related knowledge such as networking, databases, IT, software, security, programming, and much more. With a community, we are able to share the knowledge to others who have a desire to learn about their specific technical interests or even wanting that next fix to the project they are working on. If you have a passion in technology, this is the place to be.

At ZigSphere, our goal is be the place with a wide range of technical-related topics and to share them with the world. Rather than just learning something and keeping it to yourself, ZigSphere is the place to, not only share it, but to learn it. We strive to make people successful and to live their dream. We do that by providing information.

  • Have that next fix for that recent bug? Share it here!
  • Want to learn how to build a website and configure your server? Learn it here!
  • Want to chat with people with similar technical-related interests? Talk with them here!
  • Are you a tech professional and have a desire to share what you know? Share it here!
  • Are you just looking around to read all about technical topics and to learn more that interests you? This is your place!
We look forward to meeting you!

While this site is currently being built, please see the tabs at the top of this site for things that will be posted over time.